Architectural tattoos

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Architectural tattoos shows the incredible collab between tattoo art and architecture. It deserves to be highlighted and noted here.

In short architecture is an art and science of designing buildings. It involves the process of planning, designing, constructing. So architecture is a discipline that includes art and technique. It takes up both aesthetic and practical aspects. Therefore that collab between different art forms is really interesting.

People often see architectural works as cultural symbols. In addition, we value buildings as works of art. In fact modern people identify ancient civilizations through their architectural achievements.

People can ink into the skin some of the world’s most famous buildings. Overall it looks extraordinary! With this type of tattoo, people can appreciate just like how spectacular buildings can be. Obviously the possibilities of tattoo design can be endless. You can choose from the most delicate lines like an illustration. Or use bold thick line like a graphic novel on the skin.

Indeed the human body proves to be a wonderful canvas for talented tattoo artists. In your project you can use such elements as: detailed inkings of buildings, minimalist lines. Moreover you can use beautiful geometric designs or panoramas of well-known cityscapes. In your choice be guided by what impresses you the most.

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