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Camellia tattooCamellia tattoo

Do you like it ?Floral tattoos have been indeed trendy for many years. Among the enthusiasts of such tattoos, the camellia tattoo is quite popular. FLOWER Camellia is a genus of flowering plants in the family Theaceae. They grow mainly

Girly tattoosGirly tattoos

Do you like it ?Tattos typically have a reputation for being rebellious and tough. But there are plenty of girly tattoos available to emphasize femininity. We now live in an age where tattoos are common place. It’s not longer considered

Cool tattoo designsCool tattoo designs

Do you like it ?Cool tattoo designs are usually desirable among women. Tattoos for women follows fashion trends. They are eye-catching and admired by people. TRENDS Tattoos are indeed a great way of expressing yourself through body art. Tattoos for

Cross stitch tattooCross stitch tattoo

Do you like it ?Tattoo artists across the world have been inking embroidery and cross stitch onto skin. It’s the perfect combination of craft and punk. And obviously it has an amazing effect. People used cross stitch for ages on

Rib tattoosRib tattoos

Do you like it ?Rib tattoos never go out of style. The rib is sexy and good places for beginners as it is one of the more discreet places on the body. This side tattoos you can easily hide by

Embroidery tattooEmbroidery tattoo

Do you like it ?Nowadays embroidery tattoo is indeed popular in the tattoo industry. It is quite a modern trend but it comes from old embroidery techniques. Embroidery is the general name of various decorative patterns embroidered on fabrics by

Ear tattoosEar tattoos

Do you like it ?Ear tattoos are one of the hottest trends in tattoo world. Besides, it is an interesting alternative to piercing. This tattoo could be simple, adorable and really cute. Instead of dealing with the pain of healing

Pineapple TattooPineapple Tattoo

Do you like it ?The special structure of pineapple has inspired art, architecture and even tattoo artists. In fact, pineapple tattoo designs are really popular recently. Inked on the skin, a pineapple tattoo can express your warmth, cheerful and friendly character,