• Arm
  • Coordinates Tattoo

    Big coordinate numbers tattoo
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    Do you like it ?Anyone who has a tattoo knows that when choosing a pattern, you need to be guided not by fashion but take into account your style and preferences. Therefore, many tattoo designs have a different meaning for their owners than it seems at first glance. If you want to commemorate an important […]

  • Forearm
  • Memory Frame Tattoo On Forearm

    Magical memory frame tattoo for women design
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    Do you like it ?In the modern tattoo industry, Korea is the cradle of delicate, miniature and unusual tattoos. The works of the amazing artist EQ attract with their simplicity and accuracy as well as their size. A tattoo enclosed in a small rectangle tells stories in a long, thin format that the artist himself […]

  • Forearm
  • White Ink Tattoo

    White ink rose tattoo on forearm
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    Do you like it ?White ink tattoos have been gaining ground since Hollywood stars and models such as Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan started wearing them on their skin. Why is the white tattoo so trendy? Probably the fact that it is invisible at first glance and looks attractive under UV light. And also the misleading […]

  • Dot
  • Stylish Ear Lobe Tattoo

    Subtle Lines And Dots Ear Tattoo
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    Do you like it ?As usual, it started with the stars. Famous people such as Miley Cyrus or Rihanna started the idea for a tattoo, and this place has become more popular. Today, the trend of ear lobe tattooing has spread throughout the world. Without a doubt, the tattoo on the ear still remains an […]

  • Flower
  • Neck Lotus Flower Tattoo

    Breathtaking lotus flower tattoo on the neck
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    Do you like it ?Flowers are often a recurring theme in tattoos. Until now, several posts with this symbol have been created. Certainly you need to view the gallery of tattoos with a flower symbol on the thigh, arm, wrists here and here, ankle, leaf armband. Before you decide on a tattoo with a flower […]