• Flower
  • Feminine Armband Leaf Tattoo

    Wrist leaf armband tattoos for women with meaning
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    Do you like it ?Every detail in life can inspire our infinite imagination. We can take a lot of inspiration from the world around us, for example from nature. The choice for tattoo is huge. The diversity of plant species, their shape and color, and even use, which is why plants are often attributed medicinal […]

  • Forearm
  • Glass of wine tattoo on forearm

    Amazing glass of wine tattoos on forearm
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    Do you like it ?Wine is the second, after diamonds, woman’s best friend. Who doesn’t like wine? Everyone likes 🙂 But this post will not be about wine, but about tattoos. Here are some of the most interesting tattoos with a glass of wine. I hope you liked the gallery. Did you like any tattoo? […]

  • Finger
  • Best Wedding Ring Tattoo

    Wedding ring date tattoos ideas
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    Do you like it ?Every young couple dreams about their wedding being special. If you are not traditionalists, I have an interesting solution for you, especially popular with the stars. Recently, wedding rings in the form of a tattoo have become very popular. There are many variants, from dates and names to some designs or […]

  • Cute
  • Nice Dots Tattoo For Fingers

    Dot subtle finger tattoos
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    Do you like it ?Tattoos on the hands are nothing surprising, but recently you can more often find tattooed dots on your fingers. Different in size, quantity and forming simple shapes. The dot as a punctuation mark separates sentences, but you have to remember that even such a simple sign in tattoo technique can mean […]

  • Knee
  • Amazing tattoos above knee

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    Do you like it ?This was going to be gallery about stars and flowers above knee… but there is not enough pictures with good quality. That is why this time there is no theme gallery only tattoo placement. BTW here is a great tattoo “pain” chart – you can see that place above knee is […]

  • Ankle
  • Sister tattoos – the power of family love

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    Do you like it ?Sister tattoos – the power of sister love and sisterhood. It is all about love and sisterhood. Matching sister tattoo designs is a beautiful way to show your love towards each other. Friends, classmates, and acquaintances come and go, but a sister is forever. Side by side or miles apart, sisters […]

  • Lower back
  • Lower back tattoos 2017 – hot or not ?

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    Do you like it ?Long time we made post about lower back tattoo designs. It’s very sexual place so be careful picking the design because you might regret it and even want to remove it later. Here are some links to earlier posts: Lower Back Tattoos Lower back tattoo designs for women Lower back butterfly […]