Creepy doll tattoo

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Dolls have always been creepy. Those scary big eyes! Creepy doll tattoo is usually a combination of cute and creepy.

Scary dolls have been elements of creepy for a long, long time. The idea of these spooky dolls was common in puppet shows to entertain children. However they gradually emerged to be the essence of creepy and darkest nightmares. Annabelle is the most common example of a creepy doll. She is mostly spotted in movies and provides many ink ideas in these categories. In addition to her, the Chucky doll and voodoo dolls are feared by many people.

This exact creepy doll tattoo idea is a common sight in horror movies. A little girl stares into a mirror and the creepy doll is only visible behind her in the reflection, but not in reality. This is an age-old concept in the horror genre. And turning it into a tattoo idea is a bold step indeed. The unique detailing of the ink makes the tattoo look both cool and creepy. It is certainly responsible for haunting the nerves as one re-imagines the dark and scary place.

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