Rose tattoo thigh for women ideas

Rose Tattoo On Thigh

Rose tattoo thigh for women ideas

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I have already written about floral thigh tattoos before. However, I decided to do another gallery on the same subject. The tattooed thigh looks really amazing and sensual. The idea for such a tattoo has been on my mind for a long time and I can not look at these beautiful graphics.

As I mentioned earlier, I have already written about thigh tattoos, it was also about flowers. Today I would like to focus on rose tattoo on thigh. Rose, as one of the most popular flowers, has a huge number of meanings. Rose has many meanings, often opposite. This flower can be a symbol of life, love of virtue and death, fornication, indestructibility, but also transience, vanity.

The colors of the rose are also irrelevant:

  • Red rose – the richest in meaning, because it can symbolize passion, marriage, motherhood, but also the shame and vanity of the world.
  • A white rose – “a flower that carries light” – means purity and sincerity of intentions, as well as innocence, virtue and piety. Also great for those who value order, order and elegance.
  • Golden Rose – a symbol of perfect achievement.
  • Yellow rose – negatively associated in many countries. They mean jealousy and infidelity as well as deception. Currently considered a symbol of platonic feelings.
  • Blue rose – impossible, that’s why it is attributed to magic, but also to love at first sight.
  • Black rose – negatively associated by its color. Currently dedicated to events that have come to an end.
  • Tea and pink roses – most often they are an expression of sympathy and joy.

I did not know that rose colors have such different meanings. Personally, I like black the most, they look elegant and simple. And you, which rose color suits you best?

Here you have links to thigh tattoos, including flowers, garter and script.

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