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God tattoosGod tattoos

Do you like it ?God tattoos are one of the oldest and traditional forms of tattooing. Getting God symbols inked on your body shows devotion to holy deities. It also portrays your faith, belief & love in the deity. In

Blessed tattooBlessed tattoo

Do you like it ?Among spiritual tattoo designs, the word “blessed” is quite popular. If you think you are blessed, don’t be afraid of showing it. A small blessed tattoo is always welcome! The definition of blessed is someone who

Santa Muerte tattoosSanta Muerte tattoos

Do you like it ?Santa Muerte tattoos are extremely popular among the Mexican people. Nowadays this design also appear all over the world. Figure Santa Muerte, is a cult image, female deity, and folk saint in Mexican neo-paganism and folk

Virgin Mary tattooVirgin Mary tattoo

Do you like it ?Virgin Mary is one of the most important figures in the Christianity. If you are religious, Virgin Mary tattoo can enhance your spirituality. Mother of God People commonly call the Mother of Jesus Christ: Mary, Mother

Faith tattooFaith tattoo

Do you like it ?Tattoos are a beautiful way to show what you like. No wonder that the faith tattoo is an increasingly popular design for religious ones. Millions of people all over the planet take pride in their faiths.

Guardian angel tattooGuardian angel tattoo

Do you like it ?People belive that the guardian angel are our eternal protection. You can choose a tattoo design with angel to emphasize this protection. Originally, the angels were related to the role of delivering a message or protecting.

St Michael tattooSt Michael tattoo

Do you like it ?St Michael tattoo is not a very popular tattoo among women. But it’s kind of a tattoo which definitely deserves your attention. Archangel Saint Michael the Archangel is a character mentioned in the Old Testament. He