Foo dog tattoo

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The foo dog tattoo is not an obvious or common design choice among women. However, get you to know its interesting meaning.

Foo Dog are a traditional part of both Chinese and Japanese history. They’re a common occurrence in mythology all over Asia, where a Foo Dog’s job is to watch over temples. People believed that foo dogs have powerful mythic protective benefits.

Those mythical beast are Chinese or Imperial guardian lions and they are a traditional Chinese architectural ornament. Typically they are sculptures of stone. So people call them stone lions or shishi. In colloquial English people call them a lion dogs or foo dogs/fu dogs.

They symbolize good luck for those associated and are certain to guard off evil. People who are looking for a lucky tattoo should consider a tattoo with a Foo Dog design. Foo Dog tattoos are a beautiful symbol of ptotection, regality, strength, balance, peace, calmness and vitality.

Placement for Foo Dog tattoo is individual but most common place is on the upper arm or the leg. Usually these are ink art in greyscale or in subdued colors. But more distinctive and eye-catching are foo dogs in intense, bright colors, such as yellow, red, green. They can tie in nicely with other Asian style designs and are best done by a qualified tattooist.

Foo Dog tattoos are great for those that are into Asian mythology or designs, or who are just looking for a little bit of something different.

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