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Chest piercingChest piercing

Do you like it ?Chest piercing is also known as a sternum piercing. It’s located on your breastbone. It can draw attention to your cleavage. Or simply offer a little more intrigue to your chest area. A chest (sternum) piercing

Lower back piercingLower back piercing

Do you like it ?Body piercing is a form of art. Lower back piercing can be really sexy, interesting and will decorate your body beautifully. Lower back piercing is simply piercings in each indentation on your lower back, just above

Cheek piercingCheek piercing

Do you like it ?Cheek piercing allows you to express your style, attracts attention. Besides, it also highlights your facial features in a subtle way. Cheek piercing is one of the most original ideas for body piercing. It is impossible

Dermal PiercingDermal Piercing

Do you like it ?Dermal (microdermal) is a very popular type of flat piercing. It is not only original but also very beautiful, elegant and eye-catching. There are virtually no age restrictions in the piercing industry. Although this type of

Nose piercingNose piercing

Do you like it ?A nose piercing is an interesting and pretty popular way to decorate your body. The nose ring can be dressed up for any occasion. Nose piercing is the puncturing the skin or cartilage which forms any

Tongue piercingTongue piercing

Do you like it ?Tongue piercing is no longer so shocking, but is still performed by quite brave people. Nevertheless, such decoration looks intriguing. Tongue piercing still has its supporters and opponents. Undoubtedly the most well-known is the standard piercing

Lips piercingLips piercing

Do you like it ?Lips piercing is a quite popular form of piercing styles. This fashion trend can add attractiveness to your personality. A lip piercing is indeed a type of body modification. This method penetrates the lips or the