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Upper back piercing

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Upper back piercing (nape piercing) is placed on the back of the neck. This is an unusual form although it looks stylish and unique.

So nape piercing is a kind of surface piercing. You perform it on the back of the neck or nape. The piercer make two actual piercing sites. And the jewelry is threaded into and then back out of the skin. The person performing this piercing must measure and place it properly. Otherwise you are at risk of high rejection and migration rates. Moreover they are in a part of the body that moves constantly and are easy to irritate, catching on clothing or other objects. So your body may reject them if you don’t placed them correctly.

These kinds of piercings tend to feel a bit more intimateYou can control your ability to see them through your choice of clothing or hairstyle. Besides nape piercings are perfect if you’re someone who likes body modification but can’t have a lot of of visible piercings.

Your nape piercing typically takes at least two months to heal. The preferred jewelry for this kind of piercing is barbells and surface bars made from teflon, tygon or titanium. Wearing jewelry of steel or gold may result in infection and swelling.

Choose a good piercing studio for doing it in a hygienic and proper way. The aftercare instructions for a nape piercing include washing the area with a sterile saline solution twice per day. Wash your hands well with an antibacterial soap before touching the piercing to prevent infection of any kind.

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