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The best lace tattoosThe best lace tattoos

Do you like it ?The best lace tattoos are incredibly feminine, seductive and beautiful. They will successfully highlight your charm and style. So if you’ve always wanted to get an feminine tattoo, lace is the perfect choice for you. Lace

Toe tattooToe tattoo

Do you like it ?The toe tattoo is turning into an upcoming trend in the tattoo world. This type of tattoo is extremely original, interesting and very cute. These toe tattoos are made on the toes of the foot. People

Architectural tattoosArchitectural tattoos

Do you like it ?Architectural tattoos shows the incredible collab between tattoo art and architecture. It deserves to be highlighted and noted here. In short architecture is an art and science of designing buildings. It involves the process of planning,

Delicate spine tattoosDelicate spine tattoos

Do you like it ?Spine tattoos are a fantastic kind of body ornamentation. Delicate spine tattoos decorate, emphasize femininity and are simply beautiful. Spine area is a great place for a tattoo. Moreover spine tattoos are popular because they can

Simple line tattoosSimple line tattoos

Do you like it ?There is a beauty in simplicity. Simple line tattoos are gorgeous and intriguing in their purity. Such tattoos are also good for beginners. Basically every tattoo is made of lines, but there are those that aren’t