Garter tattoo ideas

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A garter as an item of clothing defines femininity. It also works as a tattoo. Garter tattoo ideas are delicate, elegant and sexy.

In short garter is an article of clothing for holding up a stocking or sock. It is usually an elastic band around the leg or an elastic strap hanging from a girdle or other undergarment.

A lot of women wear a garter band around their leg especially when they wear dresses, gowns or skirts. Nowadays a lot of women do not wear it anymore because of how comfortable pants or trousers are. However, you can still keep this piece of clothing with you with the help of a garter belt tattoo.

Garter tattoo ideas include lace designs imitating the classic garter, often with a bow. Ribbons and bows are definitely a major part of any feminine, sexy apparel. Moreover lace tattoos look extremely aesthetic and beautiful. If you’re a fan of flowers you can make a floral garter. The addition of flowers and floral motifs will make any thigh tattoo more feminine.

For your classic garter design you can add tattooed sparkles, jewels and chains. Or if you are looking for a more simple and minimalist design bet on an original geometric pattern.

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