Neck tattoo design

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The neck tattoo design give you a new fashion statement. That kind of ink can make anyone look beautiful, different and bold.

Primary function of neck is to provide support for the skull, while still allowing for movement. It is the most flexible part of the spine. The neck represents balance, it houses the voice box, and by extension, represents communication. In ancient societies, a tattoo on the neck was highly intimidating.

While in the animal kingdom, exposing the neck is a way to show surrender. In human seduction, women often show their neck to subconsciously communicate her vulnerability and openness.

The neck is a relatively small area compared to other parts of the body, this still allows you to go for more sophisticated designs as well as more delicate ink. Therefore neck tattoos for women come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and color options.

The front of the neck is one of the more hardcore options for neck tattoo placements. In contrast, the back of the neck is a pretty accessible tattoo location. Currently, it is a very popular place among women. Tattoos on the sides of the neck are also interesting.

The neck is a very exposed part of your body, making it often difficult to cover or protect. If you are considering getting a neck tattoo, be sure to take a right choice. The shape of the tattoo can really alter the look of your neck. Besides, finding a talented tattoo artist is also the most important thing.

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