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Ring tattoo ideasRing tattoo ideas

Do you like it ?Ring tattoo ideas are the classic elegant and simple choice. Finger tattoos can be worn in a subtle way. Their tiny nature makes them unique. Tattoos on fingers look super trendy and will never go out

Crown tattooCrown tattoo

Do you like it ?Crowns have been part of the tattoo world for many years. Crown tattoo can be realy interesting and has a striking visual appearance. A crown is a circular ornamental headdress. Monarchs wore it as a symbol

BFF tattoosBFF tattoos

Do you like it ?Getting matching tattoos is a big commitment. For the BFFs that know their love will last forever great idea are BFF tattoos. BFF necklaces or bracelets are good ways to pledge your friendship. But why not

Ohana tattooOhana tattoo

Do you like it ?The word “Ohana” carries a special meaning for someone wearing it as a tattoo. In Hawaiian culture ohana is more than just a cute phrase. Disney’s animated film “Lilo and Stitch” popularized the term “Ohana“. While

Queen crown tattooQueen crown tattoo

Do you like it ?A queen crown tattoo, in general, is a symbolic image that can bear many different meanings to many different people. The most common meaning of the symbol is of course, royalty. Usually worn by a royal

Lighthouse tattooLighthouse tattoo

Do you like it ?Lighthouse tattoos are a classic and even iconic traditional tattoo design, a popular design amongst sailors that started out as a simple depiction of a lighthouse and has since evolved into countless ways. Now it is