Pinky promise tattoo

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A pinky promise tattoo is a symbol that has a great amount of meaning behind a small image. It’s a good emblem for close friendship or bonds.


To make a pinky promise, or pinky swear, is a traditional gesture most commonly practiced amongst children. It involve the locking of the pinkies of two people to signify that a promise has been made. The gesture is take to signify that the person can break the finger of the one who broke the promise. The tradition appears to be a relatively modern invention, possibly as a continuation of older finger traditions.

In the United States, it is most common among school-aged children and close friends and has existed since at least 1860, when Dictionary of Americanisms listed the following accompanying promise:

Pinky, pinky,
Whoever tells a lie
Will sink down to the bad place
And never rise up again.


For those with a pinky promise image tattooed on their bodies, it could mean a few different things for them. First of all, the pinky promise tattoo could be one that is a promise between two friends with the same tattoo. This is a great choice for matching tattoos between friends or lovers. A promise to be true to each other and show loyalty to one another.

The pinky promise tattoo also represent a sort of honor that one has. To make a promise and keep is an honorable thing to do. It symbolizes mental fortitude because in order to keep a promise, you might have to stand up to forces that want you to break that promise.

Another pinky promise tattoo meaning is as a memorial or memory of someone. We used the pinky promisea lot when we were kids. It meant something back then and it was something we swore we would uphold. Sometimes we lose friends along the way. Sometimes people are keeping that childhood memory alive by getting the pinky promise tattoo.

Most versions of this tattoo are a variation of two simple black line hand designs clasped at the small finger. Nothing beats simple black ink tattoos as they look elegant on both men and women. However you can add some color or other elements to take this body art in a different direction.

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