Simple arrow tattoo on women collarbone

Collarbone Arrow Tattoo

Simple arrow tattoo on women collarbone

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Each of us has some life goals and dreams. The symbol that reflects this is the arrow. The arrow is associated with the speed, dynamics of change in general by movement but also by love. This is related to the popular myth of Cupid, whose attributes were just arrows and a bow and the person hit by his arrow fell in love with the first person he met. It is also considered a male attribute – strength, power and sense of direction.

Treated as a metaphor for life – first you have to pull the arrow back to shoot forward,  same with life – first problems pull you back, then you shoot and you become a happy person.

In some cultures, the arrow is a symbol of hunting and a protective talisman. However, the two crossed arrows are testimony of friendship. The arrow is a very popular tattoo motif. Equally often it appears as a single tattoo element as well as a complementary part of a larger design.

Both men and women choose this symbol because it is neutral and suits both sexes. I will of course focus on women and show you the gallery of the most beautiful tattoos of arrows on the collarbone that I created.

There are many ideas for an arrow tattoo design. But did you know that it can mean something different in dependence on what other symbols will you combine it with?

  • Arrow on the bowstring – means internal or external conflict, tension and adversities with which we have to face.
  • Arrow released from the bow – pursuit of the target.
  • With compass – consistent and thoughtful pursuit of the goal.
  • Broken arrow – it is giving up the current lifestyle.

Look here for more tattoos on your collarbone. And of course, I invite you to share your opinions about these tattoos, and if you are the lucky owner of a similar one, please let me know in the comments.

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