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Piercing on earPiercing on ear

Do you like it ?Let’s talk about a different form of body decoration than a tattoo. Piercing is similarly cool and its most popular form is piercing on ear. Piercing in general is a form of body decoration. It consists

Small butterfly tattooSmall butterfly tattoo

Do you like it ?Delicate ink designs are perfect as first tattoos. The small butterfly tattoo is exactly that. It’s not only beautiful but also meaningful. INSECT Butterflies are insects in the macrolepidopteran clade Rhopalocera from the order Lepidoptera, which

Paw print tattooPaw print tattoo

Do you like it ?Paw print tattoo is a perfect design for cats and dogs lovers. It works more on an emotional level than on an intellect level. Dogs are undoubtedly some of the favorite animals to some people. They

Cute small tattoosCute small tattoos

Do you like it ?Small is beautiful! Cute small tattoos can help you express your personality without being overly noticeable or dramatic. Today, smaller tattoos are trending, especially for women. That’s because little body art is more elegant than oversized

Ear tattoosEar tattoos

Do you like it ?Ear tattoos are one of the hottest trends in tattoo world. Besides, it is an interesting alternative to piercing. This tattoo could be simple, adorable and really cute. Instead of dealing with the pain of healing

Music note tattooMusic note tattoo

Do you like it ?Music is an essential aspect of people’s lives. I guess everybody in this world loves music. Music note tattoo is a great way to express it. Music can prove to be your best companion when you’re