Subtle Lines And Dots Ear Tattoo
Tattoo Designs for Women Dot,Ear,Geometric Stylish Ear Lobe Tattoo

Stylish Ear Lobe Tattoo

Subtle Lines And Dots Ear Tattoo

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As usual, it started with the stars. Famous people such as Miley Cyrus or Rihanna started the idea for a tattoo, and this place has become more popular.

Today, the trend of ear lobe tattooing has spread throughout the world. Without a doubt, the tattoo on the ear still remains an original ornament that makes an impression and is hard to miss, even if it is a delicate and subtle pattern, usually a flower, heart, note, star or some animal, e.g. a bird, dog or cat. Depending on the needs, we can expose it, revealing the ears or hide it under the hair. Such a tattoo is also an interesting alternative to earrings or clips, made by a professional, it becomes an attractive “jewelry” itself.

Check out some of our favorite stylish ear lobe tattoo below. Get ready to get inspired …

As you can see, on an area as small as the ear you can tattoo really small but beautiful things. A few dots and dashes will create a subtle little tattoo perfect for a woman.

If you liked the stylish ear lobe tattoo, check out this gallery. Here, on the other hand, are some ideas for dotted finger tattoos.

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