Matching forearm tattoos

Elbow Tattoos

Matching forearm tattoos

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You probably came across this post for a reason. Maybe you are interested in the place of the elbow tattoos, you will have the opportunity to see some interesting works. Or you are interested in getting an elbow tattoos. If so be sure to read some important information that I have gathered below. So get to work.

Does the tattoo on the elbow hurt?

Tattooing is not a tickle on the skin and can cause minor discomfort and even pain. Some people find the pain is very bad. It all depends on your pain threshold. It is also important which place is tattooed. I have heard many times that the tattoo on the elbow hurts. Well, this is a myth. Tattooing an elbow doesn’t hurt any more than tattooing an arm, back or thighs. The more delicate the skin, the greater the pain, but how you judge the pain depends on your endurance. Women are much better tattooed than men and they rarely complain, unlike men. The lines have to be crossed several times, because they are not visible after 1 or 2 times.

Tattoo on the elbow – healing

Of course it doesn’t heal any longer. It all depends on whether the tattoo is properly cared for. So listen carefully to the advice of professionals. They will explain exactly how to proceed after the session. Under no circumstances should this place be scratched. Also, remember not to expose your elbow to the sun, as your skin may become irritated then. Some people complain of swelling and pain, and even the inability to move the hand. This can also happen, after all, a tattoo violates the skin of our natural body shell.

Choose right

It is very important to choose a good tattoo studio that will understand your vision and advise you on the design of the elbow tattoo. The elbow is a rather problematic place where not every “picture” will look good. This place is often overlooked.

If the tattoo on the elbow is to be part of the sleeve, it is very important to choose a design that will blend in with the whole. As the hands are often moving, this fact is also very important. Choose patterns that look great both when your arms are straightened, but also when they are bent at the elbow. Undoubtedly, a spider web tattoo is a great choice as it becomes larger and more stately with movement. Geometric figures or even abstractions are also a good choice, but it is not worth choosing portrait or classic tattoos. Elbow tattoos look great both in black and in color.

The elbow tattoo is a great body decoration. The pattern itself is also very important. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask the tattoo artist, because as a professional he knows his job and will advise you on the best pattern.

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