• Arm
  • Hakuna Matata Tattoo

    No problem script tattoo on arm
    Do you like it ?

    Do you like it ?Who among us did not watch ‘The Lion King’? Probably everyone 🙂 And do you remember the funny couple Timon and Pumba and their life motto? Yes, the motto is Hakuna Matata, meaning life without worries. This wording comes from the Swahili language and literally means “no problems, no worries,” and […]

  • Disney
  • Hakuna Matata Symbol Tattoo on Neck

    Elegant Hakuna Matata symbol neck tattoo
    Do you like it ?

    Do you like it ?Do you remember the post where you could see the Hakun Matata tattoo gallery? I promised then that I would do a second one but this time it would be a gallery of tattoos with Hakun Matat’s symbol. The symbol of Hakuna Matata resembles a modification of the treble clef and […]