Delicate spine tattoos

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Spine tattoos are a fantastic kind of body ornamentation. Delicate spine tattoos decorate, emphasize femininity and are simply beautiful.

Spine area is a great place for a tattoo. Moreover spine tattoos are popular because they can make the back part of one’s body appear sexier. This is especially important for women. People also go for this kind of body art to hide or divert people’s eyes from back scars or other imperfections.

The spine tattoo allows you to get a longer design, either colorful or monochromatic. However, the closeness of the skin to the bone makes it an area where minimalist designs will stand out the most.

When it comes to the project of delicate spine tattoo there many ideas. And the only limitation is your creativity. For example you can use images of plants with long stalks, ferns, spiders wandering on their webs. Along the spine, you can write your favorite sentiment in a delicate font.

However, one of the best effects will be given by a variety of geometric patterns. If you want a delicate tattoo use dots and thin short lines for your design. Unquestionably some simple geometrical shapes look really impressive there. The effect will be mind-blowing.

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