Rosary tattoo

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Very popular tattoo style are religious tattoos . Rosary tattoo is always a great choice for believing people.

The Rosary

The Rosary is a form of prayer which use people in the Roman Catholic Church. A string of beads in rosary help you to count component prayers and recite them. Therefore it is an essential part of Catholic beliefs surrounding Mary and the veneration of Mary in the faith.

The word Rosary means “Crown of Roses”.The rose is the queen of flowers, and so the Rosary is the rose of all devotions. Actually it is therefore the most important one. Catholics consider the Holy Rosary to be the perfect prayer because it contains an amazing story of salvation.

More importantly, Catholics pray the rosary as a means of entreaty to ask God for a special favor. Such as helping a loved one recover from an illness, or to thank God for blessings received.


Rosary tattoos are usually very symbolic to those who wear it as body art. Furthermore different people choose the design for different reasons.

Common Rosary Tattoo Meanings and Symbolisms:

  • Prayer: This is the most obvious one because the rosary help you to say the “Hail Mary” prayer and to reflect on the life of Jesus and Mary.
  • Forgiveness: Saying the rosary is attached to the Catholic sacrament of penance. Because Catholics belive that meditating on the life of Mother Mary and Christ through the rosary will wash away one’s sins.
  • Protection: The rosary is believed to ward off demons and evil spirits as well as steer people away from temptation. Someone who wears a rosary beads tattoo on their body may do it because they want to feel safe and protected by Mary and Jesus.
  • Mary: The rosary represents the Virgin Mother of God.
  • Catholicism: One of the most prominent differences between Catholicism and other Christian religions is that Catholics honor Mary.

In summary the rosary is a very famous Catholic symbol.

Certainly rosaries can be tattooed nearly anywhere on the body. You will commonly see them inked around the neck or on ankles, legs, wrist, and arms. This tattoo it can take many forms. For example it can be big and impressive with 3d efect on beads or moddest, minimalistic with only dots and cross. Moreover you can combine the beads of a rosary with roses or the image of the Holy Mary.

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