• Arm
  • Fireworks tattoo ideas


     Fireworks bring some childlike excitement and magic into our lives. Plenty fireworks tattoo ideas show how great it can be shown on the skin. Explosions, flashes, smoke, flames, fireworks and other pyrotechnic-driven effects people use in the entertainment industry are proximate pyrotechnics. Moreover commercial fireworks are pyrotechnic devices intended for use outdoors. It’s where the […]

  • Piercing
  • Chest piercing


     Chest piercing is also known as a sternum piercing. It’s located on your breastbone. It can draw attention to your cleavage. Or simply offer a little more intrigue to your chest area. A chest (sternum) piercing is a type of surface piercing that’s located on any point along the sternum (breastbone). Although sternum piercings are […]

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  • Christmas themed tattoos


     Christmas themed tattoos are rare simply because of their seasonal nature. However, people who are truly in love with Christmas. They don’t worry about short-lived nature of that kind of ink. There are people who love frosty days, skiing and Christmas. To manifest their passions, they like to choose tattoos inspired by winter or Christmas […]

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  • The Grinch tattoo inspiration


     If you’re not a fan of Christmas, this might be for you! The Grinch tattoo inspiration will allow you to show that dislike on your skin. Dr. Seuss created a fictional character called The Grinch. This character people know as the main character of the 1957 children’s book How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Later, the […]

  • Anime
  • Pokemon Eevee tattoos


     The Eevee is is undeniably one of the sweetest and most varied Pokémon. The amazing Pokemon Eevee tattoos can only confirm it. Eevee is one of a species of Pokémon. It is a mammal with brown fur, a bushy tail that has a cream-colored tip, and a furry collar that is also cream-colored. Moreover Eevee’s […]

  • Cute
  • Funny toe ink designs


     Not too many people allow themselves to get this kind of tattoo. However, funny toe ink designs are original and funky. The toes are an unpopular body part for tattoo placement. Only a few allow themselves to do so. This is because the placement itself is painful and quite hard to spot. You can’t get […]

  • Addiction
  • Cannabis Addiction


     Marijuana (cannabis) is one of the most widely used drugs in America. Overuse it can lead to dependency, abuse, and Cannabis addiction. Marijuana use can lead to the development of problem use. It is known as a marijuana use disorder, which takes the form of addiction. Cannabis, whih people also know as marijuana, is a […]

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  • Four Leaf Clover Tattoo


     Unquestionably many people like Four Leaf Clover Tattoo. Clover tattoo will certainly make your skin look beautifully elegant. In Four leaf clover every leaf has a beautiful meaning. Its first leaf represents hope, the second leaf represents confidence, the third leaf represents love, and the fourth leaf represents luck. Shamrock leaves have a green color, […]

  • Arm
  • The DNA inspired inks


     The DNA is a symbol of progress, the development of science. The DNA inspired inks attracts the attention of others. DNA is a rather complex chemical compound. It is the building material of genes, the so-called carrier of genetic information. In plant and animal cells, DNA is located in the cell nucleus of each cell […]

  • Forearm
  • Tattoos with Santa Claus II


     Is Santa Claus your favorite person? If so, then capture it! Let’s see great and inspiring tattoos with Santa Claus vol II. The image of Santa Claus is an integral part of the Christmas world. And since Christmas is a few weeks away, Santa is absolutely everywhere! Not only children are associated with the arrival […]