• Flower
  • Head tattoos


     Head tattoos are becoming a trend nowadays not only for men, but also for women. Is not a new, but a very brave and interesting trend. There is nothing but nothing more badass than hardcore head tattoos. LOCATION Only brave and creative people make a decisions to make one for themselves. Yet, it will fit […]

  • Animal
  • Gorilla tattoo


     The gorilla is one of the baddest animals in the kingdom of animals. If you love this animal you shold consider geting a gorilla tattoo. This is one of the best ways to show your love for the gorilla and potentially tap into some of the characteristics or power associated with the gorilla. ANIMAL Gorillas […]

  • Forearm
  • Script tattoos


     Script tattoos are a super popular genre of tattooing, and for good reason. The beauty of this tattoo is in its simplicity. There’s a ton of room for creativity and expression through script tattoos. The key to getting it right is choosing the perfect font. For sure you want your tattoo to be readable, so […]

  • Arm
  • Ghost tattoo


     Ghost tattoo designs are quite popular these days. It is certainly a very interesting ink idea. It can look really cool, different and cute. SPIRIT In folklore, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal. They can appear to the living. In descriptions ghosts are very diferent. They are from […]

  • Ankle
  • Easy tattoos


     If you like a classic, minimal look, simple easy tattoos are an ideal choice for you. Easy tattos is a graet way to get a beautiful inking. Nowadays they ar extremely popular and additionally they are budget friendly. IDEA Not everyone wants a large piece to tattoo on their skins. People who like to get […]

  • Arm
  • Fishing tattoos


     Fishing tattoos are not very popular with women. But if you have such a hobby, it is worth embedding it in the form of a tattoo. HOBBY Fishing tattoos are some of the most-underrated tattoo designs for men and women worldwide. This is because not a lot of people can connect or find a true […]

  • Arm
  • Cross stitch tattoo


     Tattoo artists across the world have been inking embroidery and cross stitch onto skin. It’s the perfect combination of craft and punk. And obviously it has an amazing effect. People used cross stitch for ages on textile as one of the oldest embroidery techniques. It is known as a counted-thread embroidery technique. Thanks to the […]

  • Arm
  • Olive branch tattoo


     When you are looking for a meaningful tattoo you have a lot of choice. But one of the most symbolic designs would be the olive branch tattoo. The olive branches are excellent ideas for peaceful and spiritual souls. Those green leaves are specific for love and life, and they are the symbol of longevity. OLIVE […]

  • Arm
  • Batman tattoo


     Batman is a pop culture icon, recognized around the world. His fans often get batman tattoo to declare their love for this superhero. Superhero Batman is a superhero who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics. Artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger create this character. Batman is the alias of Bruce Wayne, […]

  • Cute
  • Rib tattoos


     Rib tattoos never go out of style. The rib is sexy and good places for beginners as it is one of the more discreet places on the body. This side tattoos you can easily hide by your clothes or you can show them off by wearing a sexy top in summer. This timeless piece of […]