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  • Geometric pattern tattoo


     Geometric pattern tattoo can be wery interesting and eye-catching design. This unique tattoo is getting fame in recent times. Geometric design is indeed a fun trend. It focuses on the simplistic beauty of mixing certain shapes, lines, and curves together for creative results. There are many shapes in geometry based on their dimensions. Such as: […]

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  • The Little Prince tattoos


     The Little Prince tattoos becomes popular among the fans of the character. This kind of tattoos come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The Little Prince is a novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. He was French aristocrat, writer, and military aviator. The story follows a young prince who visits various planets in space, including Earth. […]

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  • Ski tattoo


     Skiing is a great sport that gives you an adrenaline rush. A ski tattoo can be a reflection of your love for skiing, mountains and snow. Skiing is the action of travelling over snow on skis, especially as a sport or recreation. Competitive skiing falls into two categories: Nordic (cross-country racing, jumping, and biathlon) and […]

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  • Line art tattoo designs


     There is strength in simplicity! Line art tattoo designs shows that body art can be interesting and stunning even with small means. With a single delicate black line, talented tattoo artist can create the faces of intertwined portraits, the details of flying birds, and even the forms of running animals. Indeed fine line tattoos can […]

  • General
  • Lips piercing


     Lips piercing is a quite popular form of piercing styles. This fashion trend can add attractiveness to your personality. A lip piercing is indeed a type of body modification. This method penetrates the lips or the area surrounding the lips. It can be pierced in a variety of ways. In short, it is a process […]

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  • Watercolor Landscape Tattoo Designs


     Watercolor landscape tattoo designs shows that tattooing is a real art. Get one if you are a nature lover and want to get attention. Indeed watercolor is probably one of the most difficult motives in tattooing. The final effect looks as if the tattoo was painted with watercolour. Colours pass between each other very fluently, […]

  • Animal
  • Swan tattoos


     The swan is a gorgeous and very classy creature in nature. Swan tattoos perfectly capture the beauty of these birds. Swans are gracefully long-necked, heavy-bodies animals. Those big-footed birds that glide majestically when swimming and fly with slow wingbeats and with necks outstretched. They migrate in diagonal formation or V-formation at great heights. In short, […]

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  • Science tattoo


     Science is fascinating and teaches us so much about the world. There are many different science tattoo designs that science lovers can get. Science, as defined, is an intellectual and practical activity. It involves the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. In the world […]

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  • Virgo sign tattoos


     Zodiac signs are one of the evergreen themes of tattoos. So if you are a Virgo, your sign tattoos can describe you better than words. SIGN Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac. People born between August 23 and September 22 are born under this sign. Individuals born during these dates, depending on the […]

  • Cute
  • Eyebrow piercing


     An eyebrow piercing might be a good choice for you. Especially if you’re bored with your face and want to give it a little edge. Eyebrows are the frame of our eyes. Gently highlighted eyebrows with makeup, make the eye become more expressive and emphasized. A way to diversify the appearance of eyebrows is piercing. […]