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Swan tattoosSwan tattoos

Do you like it ?The swan is a gorgeous and very classy creature in nature. Swan tattoos perfectly capture the beauty of these birds. Swans are gracefully long-necked, heavy-bodies animals. Those big-footed birds that glide majestically when swimming and fly

Red tattoosRed tattoos

Do you like it ?Red ink tattoos have risen in popularity in the last few years. They’re unique, elegant, and, some might even say, bold. Black may be the favorite for single color tattoos, but a new contender for the

Ganesha TattooGanesha Tattoo

Do you like it ?Religious tattoos are always eye-catching, mysterious, and have a deeper meaning, especially for people outside of the cultured circle. In this post, you will be able to see some very cool God Ganesha tattoo ideas and

Zeus tattoo on hand

Zeus TattooZeus Tattoo

Do you like it ?Why did Zeus inspire tattoo masters? In a word, for many years, all gods were worshiped and mythologized. Many cultures based their lifestyle on the ideas of these deities, but most of all on the figure

Side roman numerals tattoo

Roman Numerals TattooRoman Numerals Tattoo

Do you like it ?Although a given combination of numbers can mean very different things to someone, the most popular in Roman numeral tattoos are dates. Commemorating a specific year, month, day or moment with a tattoo is extremely important

Ouroboros TattooOuroboros Tattoo

Do you like it ?Ouroboros – it is a symbol known since antiquity. It representing a snake with a tail in its mouth. It can be also a dragon or a lizard. This creature constantly devours itself and reborn itself.