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Ouroboros – it is a symbol known since antiquity. It representing a snake with a tail in its mouth. It can be also a dragon or a lizard. This creature constantly devours itself and reborn itself. Ouroboros tattoo is a really interesting tattoo. Find out why!

Choosing the right tattoo design, especially the first one, is very difficult. Obviously here are many possibilities. Clearly the fact that the tattoo will stay with us for the rest of our lives may make this decision even harder. One of the most interesting and quite popular motifs among tattoo lovers is the infinity sign. It is hardly surprising, that it is an aesthetic symbol with rich meaning.


The ouroboros is one of the oldest mystical symbols of the world. Ouroboros is a symbol, which originates form the ancient Egyptian iconography. It entered Western culture through the Greek magical tradition. Later it was adopted as a symbol in Gnosticism and Hermeticism, especially in alchemy. So it was an amulet , denoting the transformation of chemical elements in the philosopher’s stone of medieval alchemists

To sum up – Ouroboros is a symbol of infinity, eternal return and union of opposites. The serpent (or dragon) biting its own tail indicates that the end in the process of eternal repetition corresponds to the beginning. We are dealing here with the symbolism of cyclical repetition – the circulation of time, the renewal of the world, death and birth (similar to Yin Yang).


The symbol as a tattoo can take many forms. For example it can be a minimalist, simple sign in black and white technology. Moreover it is often a larger tattoo, which can incorporate more detail and color. Girls usually get this tattoo on their shoulder, back or chest. A popular styling is to add flowers to the original design of ouroboros symbol. This trick will add a personal touch and more femininity to the design. It also help make this a one of a kind tattoo

The ouroboros symbol is strongly conected to an infinity symbol. Time is not linear, but rather circular and we all have to live in the present as we are one small piece of infinity.

To conclude, this ancient symbol that spanned millennia is a great choice for tattoo. See our suggestions in gallery.

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