Tattoos on inner bicep

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Today more and more women are opting for bicep tattoo design. Tattoos on inner bicep can be very inspiring and original.

Most people associate the biceps as a typically masculine part, used to show strength and superiority. However, recently women are not afraid to expose their biceps either. Tattoos in this area are very eye-catching and can add to a woman’s attractiveness.

The advantage of this location for tattooing is that you have here a plenty of surface area to get inked. So you don’t have to limit yourself with your design. Another advantage is that the tattoos in this area do not stretch too much.

Biceps tattoo designs others usually associated with bravery, strength and courage. Moreover this ink can imply that you might have some secret or a story to tell.

There are plenty of bicep tattoo designs. In our gallery you can see many different styles and ideas of this type of tattoo. Popular patterns that people use for tattoos on inner bicep are for example: floral elements, sentences, animals, elements of nature . This place is perfect for minimalistic tattoo as well as for those full of color.

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