Girly tattoos

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Tattos typically have a reputation for being rebellious and tough. But there are plenty of girly tattoos available to emphasize femininity.

We now live in an age where tattoos are common place. It’s not longer considered a faux pas for a female to have tattoos showing. Nowadays lot of women are getting tattoos as they could make them look girly and chic. Unlike nail polish or outfits, tattoo is very personal and meaningful.

Definitely well chosen and well placed, a girly tattoo can speak volumes about your personality. From flowers to fairies, consider these designs as you contemplate your new tattoo.

There are plenty of tattoo ideas for feminine tattoos. They are cute and sweet. You can choose small tattoos like flying birds, rose tattoos, feather tattoos, quotes, etc. They are all good ideas for feminine tattoos. When you know the meanings behind, it’s definitely strong personal statement besides the girly style.

You can opt for a larger tattoo on your thigh or side or back.Then think about mandalas or geometric patterns trimmed with flowers. You can also go crazy with a full color candy tattoo or makeup artifacts.

When it comes to tattooing remember not to follow the fashion blindly but rather choose something unique. It can be something that you feel comfortable with and that reflects your personality or beliefs. The choice is yours!

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