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Rune tattoosRune tattoos

Do you like it ?The word “Rune” means “mysterious” or “hidden”. No wonder rune tattoos attract with their intrigue and deep meaning. It is indeed a very attractive theme for body art. Runes are the letters in a set of

Warrior tattoosWarrior tattoos

Do you like it ?Are warrior tattoos reserved for men only? No! If you feel like a warrior yourself or you admire other warriors you should get such a tattoo. HERO The meaning of warrior is a person who fights

God tattoosGod tattoos

Do you like it ?God tattoos are one of the oldest and traditional forms of tattooing. Getting God symbols inked on your body shows devotion to holy deities. It also portrays your faith, belief & love in the deity. In

Foo dog tattooFoo dog tattoo

Do you like it ?The foo dog tattoo is not an obvious or common design choice among women. However, get you to know its interesting meaning. Foo Dog are a traditional part of both Chinese and Japanese history. They’re a

Poseidon tattooPoseidon tattoo

Do you like it ?Poseidon tattoo can be a cool way to show your love for the sea. It is a good material for a more noticeable, bigger and dramatic tattoo. In Greek mythology, Poseidon is the god of the

Spartan tattooSpartan tattoo

Do you like it ?A Spartan tattoo is not a very common design among women. But this type of tattoo is not only reserved for men so is worth your attention. Warrior We have all heard about the Spartans, at

Greek tattoosGreek tattoos

Do you like it ?Greek culture, history and mythology are quite fascinating and very inspiring. Maybe this inspiration would be a good tattoos idea for you. In present times, more and more people think about getting a meaningful tattoo design

Norse tattooNorse tattoo

Do you like it ?If you are a fan of Viking myths and legends, norse tattoo may be a way of showing it. This type of tattoo carries a different message and symbolism. Vikings Vikings were the groups of warriors