Warrior tattoos

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Are warrior tattoos reserved for men only? No! If you feel like a warrior yourself or you admire other warriors you should get such a tattoo.


The meaning of warrior is a person who fights in battles and generally have courage, skills and strong spirit. Warriors incarnate in countless forms, and all of them are equally worthy of exaltation. Each culture has their own archetype. From the ancient gladiator or the Japanese samurai to the American soldier.

It is worth mentioning the Valkyries who were female mythological warriors. They occupy an important place in mass culture and their image has spread around the world. These heroines appear in many places, from TV series to tattoos. In short: the Valkyries were Nordic warriors whose task was to bring the best and most outstanding fighters to fight alongside the god Odin in the battle of the end of the world. Originally they were warriors, but over time they became a symbol of the drive to empower women in society.


People usually associate warrior tattoo designs with the symbol of strength, endurance, firmness and struggle. These tattoos can symbolize someone’s personality or they can even represent a person’s culture. Moreover people get their warrior tats to show that they want to be more brave in their own lives. This tattoo can be a constant reminder to work on our own heroic instincts.

If you dream of a tattoo that will make an impression, think about a tattoo in a large format. Just such a tattoo will be a sign of strength and power of the warrior. Styles in which the tattoo will look unearthly are: hyperrealism and neo-traditional. In the technique of hyperrealism, you can make both the face of the warrior and his entire figure. It gives amazing results because you can use it to reflect clothing, armour and defensive attributes such as sword or arrows. Thanks to the shading technique, you can also create interesting backgrounds for your characters.
In the neo-traditional style, it is possible to accurately reflect the shades in which the warrior is depicted. The popular colour palette used to create this type of tattoo includes gold, silver, red and emerald green. Combining battle-related elements, such as swords and arrows, and placing them near the warrior’s face will add verve to the image of the hero.

Moreover there are plenty of ways that you can make warrior tattoos unique. Your design should be as personalized as possible.

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