Semicolon tattoo

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In a tattooing world, this symbol can represent your life or path. For most people, a semicolon tattoo is a form of art and expression.


The semicolon or semi-colon ; is a symbol commonly used as orthographic punctuation. In literature the semicolon is just a punctuation mark that separates major sentence elements. In the English language, people use a semicolon to link (in a single sentence) two independent clauses that are closely related in thought.

Semicolon tattoos may look extremely simple with its dot and comma at the bottom, but it means more to others than just classic grammar punctuation. In the beginning this symbol was associated with literature lovers but later it became a sign of people who are struggling with depression and mental illnesses. So now people are getting semicolon tattoos to bring the importance of mental illness in the light. They wear it as a sign of solidarity with people who have been suffering from mental illness and those who have lost their lives because of it.


The most popular design in this ink is a simple minimalistic black semicolon. Furthermore you may choose to be creative by replacing the period with a heart or sunflower. Besides, you can make this simple symbol more attractive by adding other designs around it or as part of it, such as an arrow, birds or butterfly wings. The semicolon also looks great as an outline on a watercolor background.

You can add a phrase to it. Popular wordings used with semicolon tattoo:

  1. My Story Isn’t Over
  2. It’s Okay Not To Be Okay
  3. Don’t write your ending
  4. This world can be ugly, but isn’t it beautiful.
  5. The story isn’t-over. This is just a phase.
  6. This too shall pass.
  7. Carry on
  8. Keep Moving Forward
  9. Just Breathe
  10. Stay Strong
  11. Your story is not over yet
  12. And so I kept Living
  13. I’m Still There

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