Script tattoos

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Script tattoos are a super popular genre of tattooing, and for good reason. The beauty of this tattoo is in its simplicity.

There’s a ton of room for creativity and expression through script tattoos. The key to getting it right is choosing the perfect font. For sure you want your tattoo to be readable, so people aren’t constantly asking “what does that say?” There are, quite literally, hundreds of font options to choose from. Some fonts work better than others. But generaly matching the words with the right typeface can make a pice of art from your tattoo.

The exception here is if you’re getting a script or quote that’s written in a particular person’s handwriting -it’s a memorial tattoo. There’s no specific font choice for these. Because that person’s handwriting is wholly unique to them and their style of writing.

Script tattoos are an excellent choice and good fits for anybody. There are words in the flesh and stories behind them that deserve to go through the tattoo process. There is font, design, language and ink choice that makes each of them unique.

When it comes to the message of the tattoo itself, you can opt for a single word, name, phrase, inspirational or religious quote. You can add a little image to the letter to emphasize the meaning of these words like heart, birds or flower.

You must remember that, like other styles, not all artists appreciate lettering tattoos or feel comfortable in it. It does matter to select a tattooist that is actually into the lettering to achieve an excellent result for the project you are heading for.

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