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The gorilla is one of the baddest animals in the kingdom of animals. If you love this animal you shold consider geting a gorilla tattoo. This is one of the best ways to show your love for the gorilla and potentially tap into some of the characteristics or power associated with the gorilla.


Gorillas are one of three groups of african apes. Gorillas are the biggest living primates on the planet. They are divided into two species, the Western gorilla and the Eastern gorilla. Gorillas are naturally gentle, shy and peaceful. Aggressiveness is not their true nature. They only demonstrate aggressive behavior like charging and beating their chests when they feel threatened. They are generally herbivores, which means that they eat plants. But they also eat insects. They are big, smart and fierce. At the same time, the are understanding and compassionate. They are one of the most human-like creatures in the world.


Because the gorilla can be a scary animal, people might associate the gorilla tattoo with only characteristics like power, ferocity and aggression. However, the gorilla is one of the more compassionate beings in the animal kingdom.

The gorilla is also a very social being. So thad kind of tattoo could mean a compassion, dignity, loyalty, accountability and leadership. In addition, the gorilla tattoo represents wisdom, intelligence and the selflessness as opposed to individualism.

Because the gorilla is such a unique and complex animal, you might see many variations of the gorilla tattoo. Most designs portray only the head of the gorilla. The facial expression of the gorilla is very important. The might range from angry to happy and caring. They can change the meaning of the tattoo. You can also get the entire gorilla in your tattoo design instead of the head.

There are varieties of Gorilla tattoo designs. Some look realistic while others designed as a cartoon. The meaning of gorilla tattoos can also depend on the style of the drawing and the design. How you portray the gorilla in your design can dictate the meaning of your gorilla tattoo.

Gorilla tattoos are not one of those tattoos that you want to hide, and they are usually pretty big. The most common placements for gorilla tattoos are: arm, forearm, calf, sleeve, chest, back, hand.

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