Bumble bee tattoo

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Surprisingly insect tattoos are quite popular tattoo and the bumble bee tattoo is no exception. This may be something for you!

Bees have become very popular in tattoo design and not only do they look cute, but they also symbolize loyalty and bravery.


Bumblebees are large, fuzzy insects with short, stubby wings. They are larger than honeybees, but they don’t produce as much honey. However, they are very important pollinators. Without them, food wouldn’t grow.

Bumblebees are found all over the world. For example, the largest bumblebee is found in Argentina and Chile and the rusty patched bumblebee is found in the United States and Canada. Most bumblebees are social insects that form colonies with a single queen. The colonies are smaller than those of honey bees, growing to as few as 50 individuals in a nest.


Although bee tattoo meanings can change depending on the species, the following is the most common bee tattoo meanings are:

-hard work or being busy.
-going through pain or having had pain in the past
-having a memory or past situation haunt or follow you around.
-working well together with others.

A queen bee tattoo meaning can be a completely different one to that of other types of bee tattoos, it symbolizes strength power and control.


It would be a great choice for an accent or for someone searching for a smaller tattoo. The bumble bee tattoo works well in color, watercolor and only black designs. This small tattoo would be ideal for an ankle or shoulder tattoo.

There are many beautifully designs of bumble bee tattoos. Many of the designs feature the bee in flight with the destination of landing on of course a flower. Just the possible combination in this design is massive. You can think about: floral bumble bee tattoos, trendy geometric body art, realistic 3D, cartoon bees, honeycomb or hive tattoos. The choice is yours!

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