Lucky you script tattoo

Bikini Script Tattoo

Lucky you script tattoo

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Observing Instagram and various tattoo websites, I found myself getting a bikini area tattoo – the groin – more and more often. A very interesting place to get a tattoo, but also very painful. Let’s not forget that every tattoo hurts no matter where it is on the body. After all, tattooing is about piercing the skin.

For most of our lives, we protect the groin from any external factors, which additionally makes this place delicate. Besides, having to expose the bikini area may not be comfortable for some. Hence, it’s worth trying with some very small pattern. Below some really small bikini script tattoos.

Don’t they look amazing? However, if you are not convinced by the bikini script tattoo, check out other galleries. Here you will find interesting tattoos for the hip and here for the thigh. Nice watch 🙂

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