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Delicate spine tattoosDelicate spine tattoos

Do you like it ?Spine tattoos are a fantastic kind of body ornamentation. Delicate spine tattoos decorate, emphasize femininity and are simply beautiful. Spine area is a great place for a tattoo. Moreover spine tattoos are popular because they can

Simple line tattoosSimple line tattoos

Do you like it ?There is a beauty in simplicity. Simple line tattoos are gorgeous and intriguing in their purity. Such tattoos are also good for beginners. Basically every tattoo is made of lines, but there are those that aren’t

Rune tattoosRune tattoos

Do you like it ?The word “Rune” means “mysterious” or “hidden”. No wonder rune tattoos attract with their intrigue and deep meaning. It is indeed a very attractive theme for body art. Runes are the letters in a set of

Arabic tattoosArabic tattoos

Do you like it ?Arabic Tattoos look mysterious and interesting. The cursive letters of the Arabic language are so elegant and artistic. So when you looking for tattoo that is exotic, looks good, and means something, the arabic writing fulfills

Sak yant tattooSak yant tattoo

Do you like it ?An extremely interesting form of tattoo design is “Sak Yant Tattoo”. You could also hear the name a “bamboo tattoo” or “Thailand tattoo”. Many South Asian cultures such as: Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand have been

Chinese tattoosChinese tattoos

Do you like it ?Chinese tattoos are trendy for people all over the world. The same as culture, there is a diversity in the tattoo from this country. When you think about Chinese tattoo, you immediately mention about calligraphy. Chinese

Norse tattooNorse tattoo

Do you like it ?If you are a fan of Viking myths and legends, norse tattoo may be a way of showing it. This type of tattoo carries a different message and symbolism. Vikings Vikings were the groups of warriors

Pine tree tattooPine tree tattoo

Do you like it ?Pine tree tattoos are a unique type of tree tattoo. Pine trees are powerful, majestic, wise, mystical and just beautiful. This type of tree has its own spiritual meaning and it can become a beautiful tattoo.