Pine tree tattoo

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Pine tree tattoos are a unique type of tree tattoo. Pine trees are powerful, majestic, wise, mystical and just beautiful. This type of tree has its own spiritual meaning and it can become a beautiful tattoo.


Pine trees are evergreen, coniferous resinous trees (or, rarely, shrubs) growing 3–80 m (10–260 ft) tall, with the majority of species reaching 15–45 m (50–150 ft) tall. The smallest are Siberian dwarf pine and Potosi pinyon. In contrast the tallest is an 81.79 m (268.35 ft) tall ponderosa pine located in southern Oregon’s Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

Moreover pines are long-lived and typically reach 100–1,000 years. The longest-lived is the Great Basin bristlecone pine, Pinus longaeva. One individual of this species, dubbed “Methuselah“, is one of the world’s oldest living organisms at around 4,600 years old. An older tree (now cut down) was dated at 4,900 years old. It was discovered in a grove beneath Wheeler Peak and it is now known as “Prometheus” after the Greek immortal.


The tree is undoubtedly one of the most important characteristics of the earth: it provides food, oxygen and even shelters. Pine tree tattoo done on your body may show your high spirituality, love, devotion to the roots and the life itself. The roots of a tree are a symbolic sign of a connection to the past. Also they represents devotion to the predators, family, friends, and community.

The trunk of the pine signs overcoming difficulties, immortality, and a strong will to survive. The bare pine tree means youth and growth, but sometimes it symbolizes the death of the beloved persons. The bare pine tattoo often symbolizes someone who passed away. The pine cone tattoo is a direct representation of new beginnings and regeneration.

Pine trees tattoo may have different meanings depending on cultural background. For example a Chinese pine with fluffy branches is used to render eternity, protection, longevity, and high spirituality. In Japan a pine tree is called the Matsu which mean strength and masculinity.


They have a natural very kind look, their charming dark green color is enchanting us all so much, that it has became a tattoo trend. Usually very minimal and sensitive, these tattoos give away so much warm atmosphere even if it is black and white tattoo. You can place a pine tree tattoos on any part of the body. If you want to create an infinite outlook, it is better to ink a pine tree on the chest, forearm, back or rib.

Black and white option is always a winner as it pops out the image on the pale skin. Likewise adding a 3D effect can make a more natural outlook. Geometrical figures, especially circles and triangles, are cool to add to the pine.

In addition you may add any pattern to the design that will make it much more appealing and add a deeper symbolic meaning to it. Birds, sky, mountains, images of the sun or the moon, skulls, and deer are common for the pine tattoo designs.

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