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Skeleton tattooSkeleton tattoo

Do you like it ?Skeleton tattoo is an interesting choice for inking. Mostly, the skeleton symbolizes the positive aspects of the negative things. Especially skeleton tattoos are for those who are fans of horror, people with maybe a darker sense

Santa Muerte tattoosSanta Muerte tattoos

Do you like it ?Santa Muerte tattoos are extremely popular among the Mexican people. Nowadays this design also appear all over the world. Figure Santa Muerte, is a cult image, female deity, and folk saint in Mexican neo-paganism and folk

Trash Polka tattooTrash Polka tattoo

Do you like it ?One of the unusual styles is Trash Polka tattoo, which is undeniably unique and original. Tattoo artists try to make the designs stand out from other tattoo motifs. History Trash Polska is a style created in

Memento Mori TattooMemento Mori Tattoo

Do you like it ?Momento mori is a Latin phrase that translates to ‘Remember death’, or, ‘Remember you must die’. This phrase derives from the Latin Christian religion dating back to the Medieval Times. This expression came from the theory