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The memento mori tattoo carries with it deep symbolism. Memento mori is an old symbol richly rooted in so many cultures and traditions. This phrase has been used for thousands of years as a reflection on the virtues of introspection and humility. Nowadays, this motif is eagerly used in the art of tattooing.


Memento mori is a Latin reminder that death is the inevitable end of human life. Memento mori was a greeting used by medieval monks. It was supposed to remind us that life is a preparation for death, that death is a great art.

Reflection on the phenomenon of death accompanies man constantly.
Its remarkable intensification has been noticeable since ancient times. The most characteristic epoch is the Baroque – the epoch of death. Due to numerous motifs in culture – memento mori, ars moriendi and vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas. Nowadays, you can also notice a fascination with this phenomenon. Death is a mystery that people can’t fully solved. There are various hypotheses and we as people are curious about what we cannot understand. Therefore, elements that symbolize death are very common in tattoo art.


For women realy popular is simple script tattoo of Memento mori. Script is a great way to get straight to the point in a tattoo. Especially when it comes to a phrase like, this script is absolutely necessary. The different styles and schools mean that there are hundreds of typefaces and fonts to choose from, ensuring that there is a script out there for every sensibility. In this case handwriting-like fonts are some of the more popular and impressive choices.

Minimal script tattoos impart a sharp and neat look over the skin and are obviously less confusing to people who aren’t aware of memento mori’s meaning.

You can also set thogether the attributes of death with the sentence – hourglass, candle, moth, scythe. Also Skulls is one of the most popular and most literal symbols. Nobody doubts that they symbolize death. It reminds us of the fragility and shortness of human life and shows what remains after our death. Hourglasses and clocks – an analogy to the passing years of our lives.

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