• Finger
  • Love tattoos

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    Do you like it ?♫ Love is in the air…♫ Especially in Valentine’s Day. But you can feel love every single day. Show it off with a love tattoos! FEELING Love has many names and forms. The basic definition is that is a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. In English, there’s […]

  • Arm
  • Tattoos on inner bicep

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    Do you like it ?Today more and more women are opting for bicep tattoo design. Tattoos on inner bicep can be very inspiring and original. Most people associate the biceps as a typically masculine part, used to show strength and superiority. However, recently women are not afraid to expose their biceps either. Tattoos in this […]

  • Back
  • Only God can judge me tattoo

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    Do you like it ?Only God can judge me tattoo is indeed pretty common worldwide. Is a popular phrase, expresses ones faith and hope in God. The phrase “only God can judge me” is kind of ubiquitous in contemporary American society. But people who use it nowadays may not know that it was actually Tupac […]

  • Arm
  • Memento Mori tattoo

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    Do you like it ?The memento mori tattoo carries with it deep symbolism. Memento mori is an old symbol richly rooted in so many cultures and traditions. This phrase has been used for thousands of years as a reflection on the virtues of introspection and humility. Nowadays, this motif is eagerly used in the art […]

  • General
  • Bikini Script Tattoo

    Lucky you script tattoo
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    Do you like it ?Observing Instagram and various tattoo websites, I found myself getting a bikini area tattoo – the groin – more and more often. A very interesting place to get a tattoo, but also very painful. Let’s not forget that every tattoo hurts no matter where it is on the body. After all, […]

  • Ankle
  • Girl Power Tattoo Ideas

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    Do you like it ?More and more women are openly and loudly demanding their rights, such as the right to equal pay and the right to decide about their body. No wonder, young women are more and more willing to emphasize their views and join forces in many actions. Many of them also opt for […]

  • Arm
  • Hakuna Matata Tattoo

    No problem script tattoo on arm
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    Do you like it ?Who among us did not watch ‘The Lion King’? Probably everyone 🙂 And do you remember the funny couple Timon and Pumba and their life motto? Yes, the motto is Hakuna Matata, meaning life without worries. This wording comes from the Swahili language and literally means “no problems, no worries,” and […]

  • Hip
  • Vertical Script Hip Tattoo

    Cute and small hip tattoo
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    Do you like it ?There have been several times about hip tattoos. I wrote about flowers and scripts on thigh. Today I would like to focus on tattoos in the form of a script or sentence on hip and vertically. This unusual location, stem and length of the sentence, it can even start on the […]

  • Script
  • Script Tattoo On Thigh

    Script tattoo on thigh
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    Do you like it ?I noticed that thigh tattoos are one of the most common tattooed places on the body described on the blog. No wonder, this is a very important place for a tattoo, mainly because it is a fairly large surface and the tattoo can be quite large, but also small and delicate. […]

  • Collarbone
  • Sexy Collarbone Tattoo

    Sexy script on women collarbone tattoo ideas
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    Do you like it ?One of the most interesting places for a tattoo is the collarbone. However, women who choose this place are relatively few. A pity, because the collarbone is one of the many places where the tattoo looks amazing and sexy. Collarbone is often overlooked because it is so visible and sore for […]