Only God can judge me tattoo

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Only God can judge me tattoo is indeed pretty common worldwide. Is a popular phrase, expresses ones faith and hope in God.

The phrase “only God can judge me” is kind of ubiquitous in contemporary American society. But people who use it nowadays may not know that it was actually Tupac Shakur (1971-1996) who coined the phrase on his track of the same name.

The idea this song is based on is simple. The rappers understand that their actions will not be looked upon favorably by some. But they are not prone to change their ways as a result. Instead they are going to keep doing what they do, operating based on the understanding that at the end of the day, it is only the judgment of God that truly matters.

Only God can judge me tattoo is a phrase tattoo mostly in type script fonts. People mainly locate them on their arms, back or chest. It is popular among both men and women.

When choosing this tattoo focus on typography, lettering. Remember that the font should not be too complicated, it should be readable. You can add symbols to the inscription such as Angle Wings, Cross Jesus, a rosary and only a Cross with judgement sign.

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