Skull hand tattoo

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If you are a fan of the darker tattoo designs, then this amazing skull hand tattoo might be the perfect match for you! This type of tattoo coul give to you a very badass design vibe.


The skull is a bone structure that forms the head in vertebrates. It supports the structures of the face and provides a protective cavity for the brain. Functions of the skull include protection of the brain, fixing the distance between the eyes to allow stereoscopic vision. In addition skull is fixing the position of the ears to enable sound localisation of the direction and distance of sounds.

Many religions have sacred skull symbolism. In Christianity, a skull can symbolize eternity. In the ancient Jewish tradition of Kabbalah, skulls are used to represent rebirth and renewal in light of death. The Celtic tradition states that a skull is “the seat of the soul”.


Choose a skull tattoo based on your tastes. These tattoos can also be humorous as well as horrific. The most attractive tattoos are those that are the most realistic and faithful to the bone structure. Moreover, a hand tattoo is a fantastic choice for you if you want to share your tattoos with everyone around you.

A very popular trend of recent years is getting a skull tattoo on your hand which you can hold over your face. This movement creates the impression that you have the skull imprinted on your face. It create a creepy optical illusion when the hand is used to cover the face. Indeed for some people it’s a trendy tattoo. They may be inspired by the same tattoo that The Joker wore on the Suicide Squad movie. However this is a fun and playful effect, allowing you to explore different ways of presenting the same tattoo.

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