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Water tattooWater tattoo

Do you like it ?It’s quite easy to see why water tattoo is popular with both women and men. Water is essential for life and a force of nature. It covers 70% of the earth’s surface and every human body

Pirate tattooPirate tattoo

Do you like it ?Mainly men choose this type of tattoo. But with a good design it will also be suitable for a woman. So maybe a pirate tattoo is good for you. If you are brave, adventurous, love the

Ship tattoosShip tattoos

Do you like it ?Ship tattoos take their roots from sailors and other seafarers. They are traditionally worn by men but nowadays, women ask for them too. The ship is one of the best and most popular maritime tattoo symbols.

Poseidon tattooPoseidon tattoo

Do you like it ?Poseidon tattoo can be a cool way to show your love for the sea. It is a good material for a more noticeable, bigger and dramatic tattoo. In Greek mythology, Poseidon is the god of the

Sea turtle tattooSea turtle tattoo

Do you like it ?If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, think of all the possible reasons why sea turtle tattoo could be a fantastic design for your body art. This animal is a symbol for many different meanings.

Lighthouse tattooLighthouse tattoo

Do you like it ?Lighthouse tattoos are a classic and even iconic traditional tattoo design, a popular design amongst sailors that started out as a simple depiction of a lighthouse and has since evolved into countless ways. Now it is

Nautical TattoosNautical Tattoos

Do you like it ?Nautical tattoos are some of the most popular designs out there because they hold a lot of meaning behind them. It could be because the wearer has been in the military or maybe is just an

Ocean TattooOcean Tattoo

Do you like it ?An ocean tattoo is a substitute for this enormous force of nature. Wave and ocean tattoo is very aesthetic, especially because of its elegancy. This kind of tattoo is quite symbolic and represents something mighty. What