Ship tattoos

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Ship tattoos take their roots from sailors and other seafarers. They are traditionally worn by men but nowadays, women ask for them too.

The ship is one of the best and most popular maritime tattoo symbols. This tattoo can express the love of adventure and the sea. In the modern world, both men and women choose ship tattoos. Even if these people have nothing to do with water. They do it for their symbolic purposes and as a decorative body art. This type of tattoos are absolutely stunning when done well.

Vintage ship tattoos are also very popular, among them is the pirate ship tattoo. Tattoo artist designed this vessel on the water or upon clouds which represents a pirate ghost ship. Ship tattoo designs may appear with different elements such as swords, pirates, ship wheels, anchors, compass and stars.

When it comes to meanings, they vary according to the ship you choose. It also depends on your current situation in life. Here are some of the meanings which the ship tattoo can convey: home, new journey, new beginning, good luck,
being immersed in nature, way of life, independence. And even more: self-sufficiency, honor, bravery, direction, troubled past, life’s challenges.

Location of tattoos and has no special significance. It can be applied on the back, chest or leg – the main thing to know is exactly invested in drawing design.

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