Traditional rose tattoo

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A traditional rose tattoo is one of the most timeless motifs in tattoo world and it will never get old. This type is indeed an iconic design.

The rose itself as a flower holds a rich history within myths and symbolism throughout many different cultures. The symbolism of a rose tattoo people often matched with the concepts surrounding romance and love.

The rose has long been a popular tattoo for both men and women alike ever since the 1930’s. Most tend to believe the rose, a beautiful, bright flower, symbolizes beauty or is a representation of our love lives.

Often, a traditional rose tattoo can draw its meaning from what motif you decide to tattoo alongside the flower. For example, if you add the skull accompanying the dagger to the rose. It will be like ‘memento mori’, which reminds you that life must end no matter how beautiful. However, a traditional rose can symbolise as much or as little as the wearer perceives.

In short, traditional rose tattoo is characterized by bold lines bright colors, and timeless subjects. This kind of tattoo is easily recognisable and you can designed in a way to make every tattoo unique in its own right. This style will never get old, done in a traditional design, it will stand the test of time with its beauty.

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