With style unalome tattoo between breasts

Unalome Tattoo Between Breasts

With style unalome tattoo between breasts

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Only a few years ago tattoos under the breasts were very fashionable among girls. Clothes often cover the tattoo, making it invisible most of the time. Currently, more and more women are choosing more bolder places, namely a tattoo between breasts.

What is the most common tattoo in this place? Flowers, leaves, subtle mandalas, arrows, and patterns called unalome, which is a sign of the path to enlightenment. It is on this sign that I will focus today.

Unalome comes from Hinduism and Buddhism and represents our path through life, an individual and changing path at various stages of life. Unalome has a characteristic shape. The spiral at the beginning of the tattoo is a link to the beginning of our lives. He represents us at birth and symbolizes the difficulty in knowing ourselves, possible uncertainties, confusion and fears. Finally, the spiral goes into curved lines, which means changes and the next stage of our lives. We become smarter, stronger, we learn, we make progress. After the turns, a part appears a straight line, a point where we have already met each other and achieved wisdom.

The meaning of Unalome is a representation of our own path through life, which is why many people modify the pattern to reflect the path they have traveled. Various types of modifications are allowed. The Unalome tattoo will become more personalized if you add lines, various symbols such as lotus flowers, moons, suns and more.

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