Beautiful floral armband for women

Flowers And Armband Tattoo

Beautiful floral armband for women

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Women often pick flowers in their tattoos. We associate flowers with tenderness and sensitivity, just like feminine nature. However, before we decide on the flower symbol tattoo, we should check well what the plant details mean, because each flower has a distinct symbolic identity. Below are some examples of flowers and their meanings.

  • Amaranthus – never fading feelings,
  • Anemone – anticipation,
  • Baby’s Breath – everlasting love and innocence,
  • Camellia – desire, passion and refinement,
  • China Aster – fidelity and thoughtfulness,
  • Chrysanthemum – fidelity, joy and long life,
  • Chocolate Sunflower – attainment, flexibility and opportunity,
  • Cosmo – order and harmony,
  • Craspedia – good health,
  • Dahlia – proud love without compromise,
  • Dark Center Poppies – beauty, magic and eternal life,
  • Globe Amaranth – immortality and unfading love,
  • Hydrangea – heartfelt emotions and gratitude,
  • Lisianthus – outgoing nature and approciation,
  • Orchid – love, luxury, beauty and strength,
  • Peony – nobility and value,
  • Protea – change, transformation and courage,
  • Ranunclus – radiant charm and attractiveness,
  • Rose – love, concentration, balance and passion,
  • Sedum – a cure for broken and wounded heart, bonds of affection,
  • Wax Flower – lasting love, patience and enduring wealth,
  • Zinnia – lasting love, goodness and constancy.

The floral symbol is often combined with armbands. But what exactly black bands tattooed mean?

In Western culture, a black band tattoo is mourning. This means that a person with such a tattoo mourns or wants to identify with commemorating a deceased friend of the family, companion or team member. Because tattoos remain for life, many lovers use them to honor the people they love and who have passed away. Most often, black stripes are tattooed on the wrists, forearm and above the shoulder. Certainly, everyone who watched football matches met with such a symbol to commemorate the deceased. It is in football, but not only in this sport, that the team often wears black armbands during the next match after the death of a former player or manager.

What shoulder tattoo have you decided? I think a flower and armband tattoo is the best choice because is so beautiful and look so sexy on shoulder.

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