Ink designs on belly

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Belly is a great area in your body for placeing tattoo. Ink designs on belly can be very interesting and simply beautiful.

The large area and the ablility to be hidden under clothes is what makes belly tattoos a popular and atractive choice. It is a good idea for anyone looking to get a bigger tattoo. the easy reach also helps in taking care ot the tattoo better.

However the stomach is one of the softest body parts. Despite the layer of fat in this part of the body, you may feel pain during tattooing. Lower stomach tattoos are often neglected by man and woman both because of the pain involved in such tattoos. However feminine tattoos like floral designs look great on girls.

Such large canvas brings in endless possibilities in terms of cool tattoo ideas for women. The most common ink designs on the belly are plant and floral motifs. Geometric designs such as mandala or lace are equally popular. You can use other images that are close to you. Designs that wrap around the entire abdomen or two smaller symbols on either side of the belly button look interesting.

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