Karma tattoo

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If you think about Karma tattoo, this concept is thousands of years old. This is a concept that people know in various cultures and religions. It is also a popular subject for body art.


Karma is the concept most prominently present in Hinduism and Buddhism. It refers to the energy that is present in all aspects of life. The word originates from Karman, which is a Sanskrit word. The basic meaning of this Sanskrit word is “act.” Karma is the universal law that applies to each and every one of us. It means simply that everything you do will come back to you.

In short it’s about the person who has a positive mind will have a happy life without any problems, while the person who does evil will receive pain and sadness. Karma symbolize the connection that exists between different actions and the consequences of people. It is a knot that has no end and that is continuous.


Karma tattoo is the reminder that Good karma comes from truly good actions. And if you do nothing but negative things in this lifetime, it will follow you to your next one. ” WHAT GOES AROUND,COMES AROUND ”.

There are many different symbols of Karma. Especially one of the most identifiable symbols is the Buddhist’s Endless Knot (Shrivastava). It’s a geometric diagram representing the nature of reality. Everything is connected and exists as a part of Karmic cause and effect.

In most Asian countries, Lotus is also quite common in depicting Karma. The lotus is a reminder that anyone (and anything) can grow and develop into something pure and beautiful, even in the muddiest conditions.

The design of karma tattoo will largely depend on the personality that you want to make this type of tattoo. You can use pure symbol or a add some drawings. The word karma is another of the most common tattoos. It is important to accept with a good typography and tattoo the word karma in the place of the body that you like the most.

If what you want is a small and symbolic karma tattoo, it is best to get it on the nape or the back of the hand. If, on the other hand, you are not afraid of pain, you can do it in other areas of the body such as the rib or the instep.

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