Yin Yang Tattoo

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A yin yang tattoo is really popular in Chinese culture and is a classic among men and women all around the world.


It is a graphic symbol of Chinese origin that has the form of a circle divided evenly into two symmetrical teardrop shapes representing yin and yang. One of the teardrop shapes in a yin-yang symbol is dark (usually black) and the other is light (usually white), with each containing a small circle of the other color.

Yin Yang is a symbol that signifies the balance between the opposing forces: negative and positive; good evil. It is two extreme and opposite varieties of Chi energy, that is, two opposite properties of the organism, nature, and the universe. Yang and Yin are the terms of opposites in nature, in space and in man.

So the Yin Yang is an Old Chinese symbol denoting the eternal duality of reality. Good and bad are the same, only their vibrations differ. Although they are two different poles, Yin and Yang are found in each substance simultaneously, they cannot be separated, they exist in mutual connection, in constant balance and harmony. Everything in the world and in the universe, inside and out, qualifies as either Yang or Yin.


Is the negative side or phase, moon, darkness, night, cold, earth, water, feminine. Yin is an expression of passivity, slowness, peace, stillness, apathy, sadness, static, materiality.


Is the positive side or phase, it is sky, sun light, day, summer, fire, heat, masculine. Yang expresses strength, height, excitement, vigor, movement, energy, speed, quickness, creative element.


A yin yang tattoo is a great idea for representing a balance in life. It’s also great choice for couples, sisters, friends or anyone who wants to be connected until the end of life! You can tattoo this symbol like the original -black and white. But in addition to this you can make amazing piece of art. You can combine this symbol with an ornament or a mandala. It also fits perfectly with koi fish or the sun and the moon. OIn the other hand, if you want to be original use colors. You can place it just about anywhere on the body, and it will look amazing.

So if you are looking for an idea for such a tattoo, get inspired by our gallery.

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